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Our Must-Have Supply List!

Below you will find links to pertinent information you will need to know before receiving your puppy. There are a few links to things I think are vital to purchasing before you bring your puppy home. I understand this page is lengthy, but please take the time to read this information as I am certain you will find this information helpful in preparing for the arrival of your puppy! I am available to answer questions via email or by phone if you find questions still remain after reviewing these pages. It is my goal that each family is completely prepared for the arrival of their puppy and that everyone is educated on the best ways to settle your puppy into its new home. I am also available to answer questions or address concerns at any time after your puppy's arrival. 

Things you will receive with your puppy:

*AKC Registration

*Vaccination and deworming record *Signed Contract

 *Veterinary Health Certificate

*AKC Reunite Microchip already enrolled to you

*Bag of Goodies

*30 Days Health Insurance through Trupanion

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Continuing basics with Puppy Culture!

As you know, all Solina Hounds are raised with the Puppy Culture Protocols to help give them the best start in life!

I recommend a couple of their products to help ease your new puppy's transition into your home and help you get started on the right paw. I can't stress enough the fact that the more training and confidence building you do with your puppy in the first few weeks, the better off you both will be! Starting young, keep training fun, short, and frequent and always letting your puppy have a good "win" before you stop helps the two of you learn to communicate and keeps your Dachshund always wanting to see what you two will do together next!

My favorite book is actually written by the founder of Puppy Culture and is called "When Pigs Fly", and is all about training smart, independently minded dogs, which I've found perfect for raising Afghan Hounds.

All our puppies are introduced to this attention training protocol, which I think is super important for our breed to nail as young puppies, as it helps give you and your puppy foundations to teach everything else you can think of: Attention is the Mother of All Behaviors

I also like this video on scent games to do with your puppy. Dachshunds are scent hounds so they really enjoy using their noses and it keeps their brains busy. A tired puppy is always a good puppy! Puppy Scent Games

For those puppies going to show homes, I strongly recommend the videos they offer on training basic show commands and behaviors which can be purchased to watch on demand through the following links:

Winning in Motion

Killer Free Stacks

Stack and Deliver

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it is very important that you continue socialization once you take your puppy home. There is a fine line between socializing your puppy and putting it at risk of diseases before all of the shots are completed. We recommend first, that you speak with your veterinarian to get their opinion on just how risky it is in your area. If they give you the go ahead, we recommend places like Lowes or Home Depot since not a lot of people are aware they can bring dogs so the dog traffic is low. We absolutely do not recommend dog parks, PetSmart or other pet stores for pets or floors at the vet office until your puppy has been fully vaccinated. Please do not allow your puppy to sniff noses with unfamiliar dogs. Socialization with other puppies and dogs is crucial to their development so we recommend that you ONLY let your puppy play with other dogs that you know personally are UTD on their vaccinations and are kept healthy and happy by their owners. Please be advised that your puppy could be subject to undesirable temperament traits as a result of lack of socialization. Your puppy could be scared of strange people, dogs, cats, car rides, new environments, vets, groomers, and much more if you do not take the proper steps to letting your puppy see the world in all shapes, sizes and perspectives. Introducing your puppy to an existing dog We recommend that you allow them to meet for the first time outside with leashes on. This will help your existing dog feel less threatened than meeting inside where it's considered “his/her house”. It is common for an adult dog to snap, growl, nip at or even lunge after a puppy. The puppy will be quite annoying to the existing dog and this is the ONLY way they know how to communicate. As long as the existing dog is not hurting the puppy, allow the existing dog to discipline the puppy by doing these things. It will definitely be a transition for all parties involved, but eventually they will be best buds.

Also remember your Dachshund puppy needs the opportunity every day to run and play offleash! This is to make sure his muscles and bones develop properly!

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These items are in a clickable list to order through and include the sizes you should purchase. You will have the option of choosing individual colors for some items. Remember, NEVER walk your Afghan Hound on a flat buckle collar. Only use a martingale, slip collar, or slip lead when walking your Afghan Hound so they cannot back out of their collar and run off. Your puppy will go home with its very own Solina Hound slip lead to get you started. I DO NOT recommend walking your puppy on a harness EVER. Not only do they make it more comfortable for your dog to pull and will mat the coat, the "no pull" styles are shown to actually cause long term damage to ligaments and joints by restricting movement. It is much better and safer to teach your puppy to walk nicely on a slip lead or martingale. 

Snuggle Puppies

These Snuggle Puppies have a heart beat and a heat source that mimics a live puppy. Your puppy is going to have some fairly sleepless nights while settling in. Snuggle Puppies have proven to lessen the stress by giving the impression your puppy is snuggling up with a litter mate. 

30" Crate

Your Puppy's crate will be his or her safe space and a useful tool for potty training. Your puppy is already somewhat used to sleeping and traveling inside a crate, but it's important to continue building up positive associations with the crate. I recommend feeding all meals, and keeping a water bucket inside the crate as well. The Crate Games book is another personal favorite, as Afghan Puppies often start out being very offended that you would expect them to be confined to their crate instead of being allowed to roam free and chew up your house! Make sure you utilize that divider that comes with the crate, and expand it as your puppy grows. Remember, your puppy should have just enough room to stand up, turn around, and lay down, and they can earn the extra freedom as they grow up and learn your rules. 

SureGrow 100

This is my favorite multivitamin for puppies. They go through some wild growth stages and I've found this helps prevent soreness from growth spurts and helps keep their joints strong and keeps them up on their toes while they grow. This is actually one of the most important items on this list in my opinion. 

Chris Christensen Brass Boar Brush

Great for both smooth and wire coats, this brush helps distribute the natural oils in your dog's hair to help keep the follicle healthy and bring out a nice shine!

Chris Christensen Comb

Another grooming tool that will last you forever! I'm REALLY hard on my grooming equipment and one thing I really love about CC combs is that they're made so the teeth of the comb don't fall out and will just bend right back into place if you happen to bend a tooth.  

Nail Dremel

Nail Clippers

Keeping your puppy's nails as short as possible is incredibly important! Long nails aren't just uncomfortable, they can actually contribute to arthritis and back issues later in life. Your puppy is used to having his nails cut weekly, and we recommend you keep up this habit once you bring him home. 

Stripping Knives for Wire Coats:

Artero Coarse Stripping Knife

Artero Fine Stripping Knife

Carding Knife

Sherbao Dryer

This is an inexpensive little high velocity dryer that your puppy is already familiar with! I love the variable heat and speed, and it makes getting your puppy dry after bathtime a breeze! (No pun intended lol). 

Grooming Table

If you're going to be grooming your puppy at home, I highly recommend a sturdy, inexpensive grooming table. I love the adjustable height on this one and how sturdy it is!

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All the important things to keep your pup healthy!

Your puppy will be used to eating a mixture of proteins in their dry kibble to ensure they are getting all the benefits different proteins can provide. Your puppy will have been eating Pro Plan Sport 30/20 and we reccomend just setting up an auto ship order every month. This is a very high calorie food, so pay attention to the feeding guidelines and activity level on the bag and adjust as you feel is needed. It is important to pay attention to how your puppy looks when adjusting food portions. Your puppy also has been introduced to some freeze dried raw chicken and salmon, as well as various raw goodies we keep on hand at the house

 If you decide you would like to change brands, it is recommended that you allow your puppy to settle into its new home without transitioning the food it is used to eating for the first month. It is very important you find a food without pea protein especially, and if a food contains flaxseed or barley, it isn't listed in the first line of ingredients as phytoestrogens are increasingly linked to thyroid and reproductive issues in dogs. Grain Free foods have also been linked to heart issues in dogs, so I always recommend sticking to a healthy grain-inclusive food. 

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