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Periodically, puppies may be available. If you are interested in bringing home a Solina Hound as your newest family member, please fill out our application with as much detail as you can so we can match you with the puppy that will be the best fit for your family. Filling out this application in no way guarantees a spot on our waiting list.  

If approved, a $200 Non Refundable deposit is required to be added to our waiting list. Once the litter is born to hold your puppy, we ask for an additional $300 Non Refundable deposit and the total $500 will be applied to your balance owed upon pick up. If you wish to pay with a personal check, we ask it be sent 2 weeks in advance so it clears the bank prior to our puppy leaving. We do not offer shipping; each puppy must be picked up.

Solina Hounds would like to thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire. The idea behind these questions is that, knowing the pup’s temperament from day one, we may see different things in them than you would as a stranger attempting to pick one. In this way we may be better able to guide you toward a puppy which realistically suits your experience, needs and goals.

We make every effort to ensure that our puppies are free from any inherited defects, by screening our breeding stock for those problems common to our breed. However, due to complex genetic interactions and environmental factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that a puppy purchased from us will be completely free of genetic disorders. If, at any time, your Solina Hound is diagnosed with any health problems, genetic or otherwise, we must be notified immediately of the full details so that we can make every effort to help with the situation.  Our puppies are sold with a two year Health Guarantee against breed specific congenital health issues that the parents are screened for prior to breeding.

I would prefer that my puppy is a
Are you looking for a... (select all that apply)
I live in a.... (please select all that apply)
Are all members of your household in agreement on bringing home a new puppy?
Have you owned this breed before?
Are you aware of the importance of finding a veterinarian with breed experience, or are you willing to have a conversation with your current vet about the breed specific health needs of your puppy?
Do you understand the importance of keeping your Afghan Hound at a fit and healthy weight, keep the coat free of matting and tangles, as well as keep the nails trimmed short for the long term health
Are you willing to feed a high quality food, or ask me for advice on finding a quality food for your puppy?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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